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Hi Runner/s & Happy New Running Year!

Welcome to The February 100 Mile Challenge 2018. It's our 2nd challenge of the year so well done for keeping on track with your running goals.

Please read the details below on how the challenge works, what you need to do and what we do for you.

Enjoy this amazing challenge and remember its open to all abilities, solo and teams, run when you want, where you want and at your own pace.

Please read the information below on how it all works.

Team Awesome

What is a Virtual Race/Challenge Event?

A virtual race/run/challenge is a run/jog/plod that can take place at any location. You can run outside or on a treadmill and even include the miles you run taking part in another race event. You run your own race at your pace wherever you like.

Remember you get the full month to complete the challenge!

Walking distance is only allowed as a rest period when you are out running. This is a running challenge but we understand you may need recovery time depending on your ability.

How do I enter these awesome events?

Simply click on the enter tab, you will see a list of events. Just choose which event you would like to enter. Entering is straight forward and takes just a few minutes.

Entries from outside the UK

Please enter! We love entries from outside of the UK. Unfortunately, we do have to charge a small postage fee if you are outside the UK but it's not much. We have tried our hardest to keep overseas postage as low as possible. Please just select where it's going at the checkout. You must pay the postage on each entry if you enter more than once.

How to enter - Solo Runners / Teams?

You can enter as a solo runner and complete the challenge on your own or form a team as share the miles as you wish. Runners sign-up from the same enter button. The only thing teams of two or more need to do is tell us your team name and how many are sharing the 100 miles. One person from the team to send us the team name and the names of the people in the team. Make your team names creative! Send to -

You can enter multiple runners on one payment, you pay the fee X however many runners you are entering. Just enter the amount of entries you require. At the end of the challenge all the medals will be sent to that address. Or everyone in the team can enter themselves and the medal will go to each separate address.

Entry Confirmation

Once entered you will receive PayPal payment confirmation email, this is sent to the email address you used with your payment. This confirms you have entered, it is all you need to take part and to claim your medal at the end. Seven days before the challenge starts you will receive a welcome email from Awesome Virtual Running. This is a quick hello from us and includes information on how the challenge works, what you need to do, how you send in your running evidence and claim your medal/s. This information is what you are reading now. The instructions are very simple to follow. If you miss our welcome email all the important stuff is on this FAQ's page for you to read.

Deferring your entry

We will only except deferrals within the first 7 days of the challenge. You will need a valid reason for this to take please and you should contact me via the contact form. The email address is Please do not post important questions regarding deferring in the public chat area on social media, I may miss it. You can only defer 1 or 2 months ahead.

Sending us your running evidence

It is the same process for solo runners and teams.

You can use the following as data proof for your miles. Mobile phone running app, garmin, fitbit or any electronic recording device. The best way is to take a screenshot/photo of the device data. You send in the finished total, you don't have to send in each individual run and time. It will depend on how your device records your runs. You can even make written notes of the miles and then send them in as photos or pop them on a spreadsheet.

You must include your full name and email address that was used with your payment.

Evidence must reach us by the 7th of the new month. Evidence received after this time will be put on hold and an administration fee will be applied before your medal is sent out. The fee will cover the postage (this is free if you send your evidence in on time) and other admin costs. Postage is free within the UK as long as we receive your evidence on time.

Please note - If you are sending in evidence for all of your team then you must include the full name of each runner and the email address they used with the PayPal payment. Team members can send in evidence individually as below and just include the team name. Evidence is to be sent to -

So, if you're sending in team evidence then you do so as below, just repeat the details for each running in that email. If you're sending in the teams evidence all together please tell them not to send it in individually as well.

We only need to receive your running evidence when you finish the full challenge. Please don't send in the evidence as you go. Send in your evidence once only. Sending it in repeatedly slows the process down of getting the medals out to everyone. You will receive a conformation email that your evidence has been checked and that your medal has been posted, this is sent from PayPal. Please sit back and wait for your medal to arrive.

This is all done on honesty, we truly believe no one would ever claim a medal they have not earned. We are not the data or distance police. We think the fact you have entered, taken part when you can on our social media pages and you email us at the end saying you have completed the challenge is good enough to back up any lost data.

We trust our runners in the community and we also read our Facebook page, a lot! There is no way that any data/photos can be 100% completely verified so the honor system is very good.

The miles/photos that you're encouraged to post on Facebook is useful to everyone as a motivator to keep going, we don't use them as your evidence, they could be missed.

Remember you don't have to complete it all in one go, for the 100 miles that would be crazy! For all Virtual Running Events you get until the end of the month to complete the challenge.

Late Claim Medal / Challenge Entry

Late claim normally opens on the 1st of the next month. This is from the original entry button which will be go back live. You enter then submit your evidence as normal. Admin then check it and if everything is OK send out your medal. We aim to get your medal to you by the 7th of the month but depending when you make the claim this could be later. We only have so many medals that become available, please do not rely on this as a guarantee you will be able to claim one. Our advice is to enter before the event starts. Sorry we do not have a reserve list.

Just for the 1000 Mile Milestone Medal Claim Only - We do not need your running data. You only email us saying you have completed the 1000 miles as a solo runner or in a team. You leave the email address you used at sign-up and the full name. Just repeat that if you are submitting your teams evidence. Its that simple, just as you do it for the other challenges but without the data. We are only doing it this way for the 1000 Miles. Its too much data for you to keep and for us to check. We trust no runner would ever claim a medal they have not worked very hard for.

Receiving you Medal/Bling

Medals are sent out during the last week of the month or the first week of the new month. They will come individually wrapped with a letter of congratulation from Team Awesome! All medals will be sent to the address registered on your PayPal account.

Please note - Medals that are sent to the wrong address because you have not updated your PayPal address details after moving house will be charged an administration fee. This also applies to anyone wanting their medal/s to be sent to an alternative address from that listed with their PayPal payment.

Medals lost in the post - we will send you another once we have looked into it with our postal company. Losing medals in the post though is very VERY rare.

Why choose one of our events

One of the biggest factors in all our events is the personal touch. We are pretty much on hand 24/7 to enjoy every moment and to share the achievements you all aim for. You also get the benefit of us responding to any questions as quick as we can, unless we're out on a long run! We keep all our social media pages fresh and bang up to date, yes we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

Awesome Running Events is currently going VAT registered and our VAT Number will be added to the website very soon.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this information and good luck to you all!

Tony & Team Awesome


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