Duathlon - Spinning Bling


To keep things simple the challenge works the same as the 100 Mile Challenge events. The only difference is you will submit evidence for two 5k runs and the 10k bike - 3 amounts of evidence is all that's required. The three elements can be done on separate days or in one go, its up to you. This challenge is open during the months of July and August. Medal send out will start at the end of July and continue until the end of August! The one rule we have is the 5k run/s must be done as a 5k and no less (its ok if you go over) Same goes for the bike, you must do the 10k distance in one go. You can do them both on the machines in the gym if you wish but its summer, try to get outdoor and enjoy the fresh air. The distances are easily doable for everyone no matter what your ability, its up to you how hard you push.  Evidence (screen shot) from your phone app or garmin or fitbit etc is to be sent to awesomeevidence@awesomerunningevents.com when you have completed the challenge. We then send out your bling!


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